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Community Champions on the Move: Opposing Violence and Crime

By President Habibullah Saleem



Magnificent occasion September 30th 2023.

Beneficial and exciting the way it was to be.


Community champions productively on the move

 awarding students uplifting their mood


At Dillard University the first annual was great

Community Champions on the move determined to relate


Attorney Willie Zanders 24 amazing gifts

Each honoree receiving a financial lift


A message from congressman the amazing Troy Carter

Speaking with impact for students to be smarter


 handling obstacles violence and crime

 the Muhammad Ali acts of kindness participants genuine


 sharing his legacy for Future Leaders to achieve

 Ali with tenacity a man who believed


Esmail, Ashraf, the Criminal Justice director

An astonishing host, a criminal rejecter


At Dillard University the event took place

Community Champions on the Move regardless of race


Honoring 12 rounds of Muhammad Ali

Recounting memories for our Future Leaders to see


Treasurer Jeff Couere, Trustworthy and well-known

TV and radio having earned his throne


Community Champions on the Move, a member first class

Burghart Turner for our productivity to last

A Down to Earth secretary with details made plain

Oh what an event it's impact contained


Parents and others absolutely amazed

witnessing their children honored on stage

Power poetry for Wide Awake youth

A book well written for our youth to produce


Habibullah Saleem, an authors dream

A gift to each of the 24 building self-esteem


The extraordinary Claude Bryant and his All-Star band

The exceptional first annual of how Grand


Habibullah Saleem with the Muhammad Ali Rap

Ali acts of Kindness, Closing the gap


Alvin Thomas and Dr. Gary Clark

Both delivered with professional spark


Medallions were given to all recipients with a smile

Glenn Singleton came through, he did it with style

A special friend to Ali, with his posters wall mounted

The legacy of Ali his greatest was counted

Glenn as a friend, his Museum intact

His purpose well delivered without holding back


Young people to the Forefront and speaking precise

Learning from others accepting advice


Ali Ali, To never be forgotten

speaking against slavery in the hot sun picking cotton


Each round is the event was around to adore

the entire event with adoration Galore


While saline was speaking he soon began rapping

with Claude Bryant’s band the audience began clapping


Imam Rafeeq Nu’Man he opened with prayer

Wisdom from the Quran he was able to share


September the 30th 10:00 a.m. things got started

Each presenter who spoke the people applauded


And so we plan for our second annual this year

We ask that you join us with greatness to cheer


Special honor to a special sponsor indeed

Our mission is to not miss our purpose do to Stubborn mistakes, Envy jealousy and selfish attitudes. Together We Stand and divided we fall. so let us stand tall as we engage the call of community Champions on the move as true human beings we can change the scene by making our most precious dreams a reality by hurdling adversity.


Humbly submitted by Treasurer Jeff Couere, Secretary Burghardt Turner, and President Habibullah Saleem.


Community Champions on the Move: Highlighting Muhammad Ali and our youth concerning proper education and the benefits of being humble and kind.

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