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Community Champions On The Move

Community Champions
On The Move

Community Champions On The Move is a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering the youth in the inner cities of New Orleans, LA. Our mission is to provide them with the necessary tools and resources to succeed in life.


We believe that every child deserves a fair shot at life, regardless of their background. That's why we're dedicated to providing mentorship, education, and community support to the young people in our city. Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for the next generation.

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Meet the Team

Community Champions On The Move
- by President Habibullah Saleem

Community Champions On The Move

"Setting the example for our youth

To produce community champions without excuse.

Promoters of kindness thoroughly up to date

Community Champions born to be great

Great without violence, great without crime

Partnering with others, minds genuine

Community Champions On The Move

Perfect attendance obeying the rules

Without delay, Community Champions up to par

Giving light to our youth, shining like a star

Valuing our women, families as well

Community Champions determined to excel

Academically and socially, no time to waste

Doing what’s appropriate, setting the pace

Community Champions remaining in accord

The creator we honor, never ignored

Community Champions remaining in the groove

Community Champions On The Move

Beyond most people's precious dreams

Community Champions new solutions on the scene

Soaring to the top, the cream of the crop

Community Champions On The Move Refusing To Stop!

Sights quite bright no longer dim

No violence no crime, her nor him - now is the time!"

No EVents yet. Stay Tuned
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Happy birthday
muhammad ali

Happy Birthday To Muhammad Ali

Happy Birthday To Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali, born to be a Champion for all times. America’s greatest happy birthday, for our youth to produce.

Muhammad Ali was blessed beyond lucky.

Born to be a champion in Louisville Kentucky

January 17 – 1942

Not knowing the future but he knew what to do

His name at birth was Cassius Clay

From a stolen bike he’s famous today

A three-time champion the Hall of Fame

Million in the world they value his name

Ali, Ali the people would shout

His opponents to the canvass he did it with clout

Punch after punch, jab after jab

Making clever speeches with the gift to gab

Speaking with humor he knew how to clown

Knocking out many by calling the rounds

Now another birthday – 2024

Ali is well loved with greatness to adore

Defeating his opponents with incredible speed

Among the greatest fighters – Ali achieved

At age 82, if alive today

Ali was God fearing without delay

Deceased June third – 2016

Float like a butterfly sting like a be his natural theme.

Attending his funeral oh what a crowd

His legacy embraced, making people proud

Yes, indeed they loved him much

Victory after victory Ali was tough

Down on the canvass back on his feet

Ali as a fighter a magnificent treat

And so, his greatness will surely remain

The heavyweight champion, the Hall of Fame

May he rest in peace soring to the top

Muhammad Ali the cream of the crop

Happy birthday for sure paving the way,

After changing his name from Cassius Clay

An amazing example for our you to produce

No violence, no crime.  Now is the time.

Community champions on the move for our youth to produce.

Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali,

In Paradise, may you rest in peace.

- Habibullah Saleem

Muhammad Ali

"The youth looking for peace, running behind satisfaction and calling it happiness."

- Muhammad Ali

Dexter King & His Legacy

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